Family Life Skills of Austin
Sunday, July 21, 2019

About Us

Family Life Skills of Austin is a place where adults (married, divorced, engaged or single) attend gender-separate classes to be taught valuable life skills from the curriculum, "Learning to Live, Learning to Love".  Whether you are experiencing marriage problems, are (or were) in an abusive relationship, are trying to break patterns of the past, or to develop or enhance your relationships -- Life Skills can help.  If a person has come from a dysfunctional family, they don't know what they don't know nor what healthy looks like.  We deal with family and individual value systems and personal growth.  Those who attend discover some of the "Why?" questions behind unhealthy behaviors and thought processes using Developmental Reconstruction.  Then we end the program with learning what "healthy" looks like.
Do I Need "Life Skills"?
Experiences from our past affect us more than we think.  Over 90% of marriage and relationship problems are rooted in childhood experiences.  Is your marriage the best it could be?  How about other relationships?  Do you like yourself?  Are you drawn to the same kind of person again & again?  Want a better quality of life?  Are your current choices working for you?  
It's not all about abuse.  It is about the expectations we learned as a child that we carry into adulthood.  But, did you know that domestic abuse involves not only physical abuse, but sexual, emotional, verbal, silence, religious, and even rejection? There are 21 forms of abuse.  Some forms of abuse are so subtle that people accept them as OK and normal.  All forms of abuse are devastating and destroy the individual and their relationships.
Details About the Classes
Our 26-30 week program consists of one 3-hour session weekly. Classes are conducted separately for men and women. Our facilitators present the curriculum through an oral presentation, workbook study, group discussion, and videos. Our goal is to help each individual increase their capacity to function in overall life and relationships -- and where possible to offer hope of reconciliation.
If you are interested in enrolling in classes or want to know more information, please email or call to schedule an initial intake appointment. This appointment will allow you an opportunity to fill out the necessary registration packet, determine your personal class fee, and address any questions or concerns.
If you do not currently have a counselor and need someone to talk to any time (one-time or on-going); we are here for you. For class attendees we offer private counseling services to discuss and work through any issues or needs that may surface during the duration of the class.